Friday, December 08, 2006

A new way to subscribe to the Mojo Mom blog

I've been posting to The Mojo Mom blog for over three years, and it's amazing to see how life on the 'net has evolved since I founded I started my main site before blogging existed. Instead I linked to individual articles. Once blogging came to be, I used Blogger to create my ongoing writing outlet. Podcasting has been another huge innovation....stop me before I break into an entire rant of, "When I was a girl we didn't have computers, calculators, video games, VCRs, microwaves or touch-tone phones."

Side note: If you want to feel really old, show this little gizmo to someone under age 25 and ask them what it is. Chances are they won't know.

But I am not content to merely live in the memory of the glory days of 45 records, Pop Rocks and Pong. I'm trying to keep up with new ways to communicate with my readers. Yesterday my phone rang with some extremely helpful advice for advancing me further into the 21st century. Mojo Mom blog reader Sarah Zeldman called to tell me about the Feedbutton feature I could add to my blog.

This little "add feed" button, nestled in the right hand column of my blog under my Technorati profile box, will allow you to subscribe to my blog in most newsreaders, from Google to MyYahoo, MyAOL, or Windows Live. These newsreaders allow you to create a "customized front page" based on your interests. That way, instead of visting your favorite blogs and news sites individually, you can just open your news reader and automatically get the latest updates on one page.

Of course, all new technical advances come with their little glitches. I happened to switch to the new Blogger Beta yesterday, so my old blog postings came up as new when I subscribed to my blog with the Feedbutton reader, but I am assuming that as I add actual new posts this will work itself out.

Big thanks go out to Sarah Zeldman for caring enough to call me to share the Feedbutton tip! When I thanked her yesterday for taking a minute out of her busy day to pass along helpful information to another busy working Mom, Sarah said that is the whole idea behind her own website, I hope my blog readers will stop by Sarah's site and check out her free Busy Mom's Stress Relief Kit. I know we Mojo Moms can all use a little stress relief, especially during the holidays.

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