Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Mojo Mom Podcast is back! Guest interview: "Momma Zen"

I feel like I've really accomplished something today because I've finally produced and posted the first episode of the new fall season of The Mojo Mom Podcast. Life challenges kept intervening and delaying the first show, but it is now available. My guest interview is with Karen Maezen Miller, whom I referred to in my last blog posting as the author of Momma Zen. Her book is WONDERFUL and highly recommended for women in all stages of motherhood.

The chapter in her book that helped me so much the other day was "No Exit." ("The wisdom of no escape" concept is actually from Pema Chodron, Karen reminded me.)

Here are a few thoughts Karen invited me to share with you from her chapter called "No Exit":

"There are many, many things in life that you start and then stop. Nearly everything, in fact, but this. Motherhood is a club that you cannot quit, a job that you cannot shove, a prize that is non-transferable. I know that, you think. But then you come to know it, the inexhaustible dailiness, the every-nightliness. You're looking into the shadowy edges of the limitless span called "forever." You're in it, and you can't get out.

"You might call a place you can't leave a prison. Is it? It is if you let it imprison you. If you dwell on what isn't. If you yearn for the halcyon past or an imagined future. Otherise, this view right here--the droopy-eyed view from the cluttered kitchen table--is enlightenment, a glimpse at reality. This is your leaping-off point for living life as it is. Not yet ready to vault over the whys, the what-ifs, the how comes, the better offs, the remember whens? Take comfort: it is the farthest leap a human being can make."

As a reader you are in good hands with Momma Zen. I hope you will listen to my extended discussion with Karen Maezen Miller on my fall debut of The Mojo Mom Podcast.

You can access the podcast directly from, by pasting the podcast's RSS feed information, into your favorite poscasting applcation such as iTunes, or by searching for our show in the iTunes podcast directory.


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