Friday, December 02, 2005

Packing tips #2

Here's a brief coda to the packing tips post:

There's an important exception to the "pack half as many clothes as you think you need" rule. When flying with kids, always carry on an extra outfit for the kids (one outfit may work for a couple of kids if you're lucky) and also an change of clothes for yourself. I have had more airline drinks spilled on me than I'd care to remember. Bringing your own cups with lids is a partial defense against this.

Second related tip: large ziploc bags are a great way to pack clothes if they get wet, but don't leave them sealed any longer than you have to. It's important to get the clothes out and washed ASAP or they will ferment! This happened once with Little T's dress that had orange juice spilled on it. I forgot about it, and by the time I found it in our luggage it looked like a petri dish experiment gone amok. I threw the dress away rather than create a biohazard by opening it.


Anonymous San Diego Moving and Storage said...

Large Ziploc bags are a lifesaver when I was moving. Thanks for the tips.

4:16 PM  

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