Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Great Wall of China

We're visiting the real Great Wall tomorrow. Today I hit the Great Wall of Travel Exhaustion. Yesterday and this morning I was so exhausted that I felt tipsy, slow, and stupid! Fortunately, I rallied a bit today, though we've kept up a fast pace for this whole trip.

Meltdown report:

I know that Sheryl Grant is probably wondering if we've gotten this far of the trip without a kid meltdown. Well, no. Little T. had a spectacular meltdown on Sunday in Sydney, after a morning spent in Luna Park, a Coney-Island-type amusement park. She seemed just fine, then we went to lunch, and she was cranky, then fell asleep with her head on my lap. After lunch we woke her up to get on the ferry and she was wildly upset. We got back to the apartment and she took a two-hour nap. Then she rallied admirably and stayed on a normal sleeping schedule.

She was also a little hard to manage on the second leg of our trip from Hong Kong to Beijing, but I really couldn't blame her after our overnight journey. That's when my exhaustion set in as well. As we walked to our connecting fight at the end of our 3-hour layover, the airport had woken up but we were burning out. I could feel the edge creep into my voice as I gave the mundane commands every three seconds: keep walking, keep moving, get up off the floor, don't get caught in the moving walkway. (I think of it as my "wait until your father gets home" tone of voice; you know, the one that none of us thought we'd ever use before we became mothers.)

Today we walked around with Grannie Annie in the area around our hotel. We tried out the Silk Road Market, which Little T. described as "a shopping nightmare" as vendors approached us from all sides, "Hi friend, want a purse (shoes, suitcase)?" They really didn't want to take no for an answer and they wanted to make the sale now.

Tomorrow we'll get out of town a bit with a tour to the Great Wall. More then.


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