Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thankgiving Dinner: PB&J on the Great Wall

Hi Friends and Family,

Yes, being in Beijing makes me appreciate you all the more. We had a fantastic day though. Grannie Annie, Little T. and I had a Thanksgiving meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on top of the Great Wall! It was quite a long tour day, with stops at a cloisonne factory and a silk factory. Annie even said that visiting the Great Wall was one of the highlights of her life. The thing I loved about it was that while you were actually standing on it, you could see it radiating out for miles on other mountain peaks, giving you a connection that you wouldn't ordinarily feel by standing on one mountain and looking at another. It was quite hard to walk on, with steep stairs and inclines. After all, it was designed to keep people OUT.

Our tour guide was a young man who had recently graduated from college. He spoke good English, and he kept a running list of new words he was learning. The words he'd learned right before meeting us were Home Depot and wheat. He said FAQ a lot, which makes sense as a tour guide. And the new words he picked up from our conversation were graffiti (on the Great Wall), raisin (we had some for lunch), and dubbing (as in movie languages). I thought it was interesting to get a glimpse of someone adding to his vocabulary. The words seem random as a list, but it was clear how they came up in context.

For those of you wondering when the blog will get back to motherhood topics, the answer is soon. I am engrossed by Susan Maushart's new book, "What Women Want Next," which is not in print in the US right now. I picked it up in Sydney, I am 2/3 finished with it, and it's covered in highlighter. I feel so many connections between this book and "Mojo Mom." That's not a shock since Susan Maushart's previous book "The Mask of Motherhood" helped me decide to move forward with writing "Mojo Mom." It was an unexpected delight to come across her newest work. More about that later....

Until then, eat some turkey for me!


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