Friday, April 15, 2005

Now that tax day is over, what's next for your money?

Ah, tax day is over. It feels like New Year's Day to me. I am not a financial whiz, and things like taxes stress me out, but I have made a commitment to educate myself about finances and entrepreneurship (after all, I have not just written a book, but also started my own business with

Now that April 15 is here, we can free up the financial part of our brains to look to the big next steps in life. For me, becoming a mother made me feel used to being in charge of things, and the idea of working for someone else became much less attractive. If you are itching to start your own business and are seeking inspiration and advice, I suggest you check out these three sources:

The Brain Brew radio show is an informative and entertaining weekly call-in show that airs on many public radio stations. If your station doesn't carry it, you can also listen through their website, or subscribe to the show through and download episodes to a CD or MP3 player. Providing inspiration and advice for revolutionary thinkers, Brain Brew will get your business brain whirring. I like to listen to Brain Brew on my iPod while I'm picking up the house at night. You can't do the dishes while you're taking MBA classes but you can listen to Brain Brew!

Do you want to start your own business but wonder how one person can do it on their own? Yale professor Bruce Judson has written a fantastic book called "Go It Alone--Do What You Do Best, Let Others Do The Rest." Judson lays out a plan that will allow you to leverage your personal expertise into a one-person business that is supported by "extreme outsourcing." By this he does not mean sending jobs overseas, but rather using technology and business services to do everything you don't want to yourself (accounting, payroll, web site support, etc.). His book lays out the details that teach readers how to start a business part-time, risking little money up front--the perfect opportunity for many parents.

I learned about Judson's book when I heard about it on Brain Brew. Thanks for another great resource, Doug and David!

Finally, if you feel like you've allowed your husband to take over thinking about finances, and realize that it's your responsibility too, visit the Women's Institute for Financial Education, They can help you get started!


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