Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I just met a kindred spirit--The Rebel Housewife!

I'm just back from a conference in New York (five days--my longest trip away on my own in five years) and I met a really cool author, Sheri Caldwell, aka The Rebel Housewife. She is a mother of three who has found time to co-write "The Rebel Housewife Rules," a funny guidebook that serves up bite-sized essays that poke holes in all of the myths of motherhood.

I wish I'd had Sheri's book to help me prepare to become a Mom! It was a blast to meet her. She's like Erma Bombeck for the 21st century--she's learned that using humor can be the best way to tell the truth, especially when you're approaching a topic that is as touchy as motherhood!


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