Monday, January 24, 2005

Mojo Grannie is the glue that holds everything together

If anyone ever wonders how I keep everything going, the answer is that my own mother, aka Mojo Grannie, is the glue that holds this whole operation together. As I have made the transition from stay-at-home Mom to author and entrepreneur, I have depended on Mojo Grannie more than ever to fill in the gaps in taking care of our child when my husband is working or traveling.

Between sickness and days off, it's amazing to see how much childcare we still need, even though our daughter is in kindergarten. I'd be in a really awkward situation if I didn't have Grannie, because I'd need a ton of babysitting but wouldn't have enough hours to offer to fully employ someone.

I'm interested to hear how other parents fill this need if they don't have family nearby who are willing and able to help out. One of my favorite creative solutions is to pair up an employed Mom and stay-at-home Mom who are already friends and create a long-term babysitting arrangement between them. The kids get to be friends, the woman who is at home gets extra income, and the employed woman has the peace of mind of feeling comfortable with her child's caregiver.


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