Friday, February 06, 2009

Mojo Mom Podcast with Mom-in-Chief Jamie Woolf

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jamie Woolf as a fellow motherhood author. We even had a chance to hang out recently in Berkeley, as you can see here, with Jamie proudly cradling the advance reader copy of her new book Mom-in-Chief, which was released this week.

Jamie's book helps busy parents bring the leadership skills they learned in the workplace back home, to adapt and apply those skills to family life. I love several things about her writing: Mom-in-Chief is a book about parents as much as it is about kids; Jamie is very supportive, non-judgmental, and goes out of her way not to pile on Mommy Guilt; and her ideas are fresh and useful. Also, Mom-in-Chief really honors the skills that parents acquire at their careers, as well as the work they do at home. In my opinion, working Moms still often get criticized when they should be supported. Jamie builds them up without tearing anyone else down.

Mom-in-Chief is aimed at Moms, but I think that many a business-minded Dad would appreciate it, too. It's a solid, well-researched leadership book, and Jamie writes in a way that could reach some men who would only reluctantly pick up a parenting book. I plan to share it with my husband!

Jamie is my guest this week on The Mojo Mom Podcast. We talk about all this, and also how it felt to have Michelle Obama embrace the title "Mom-in-Chief" for herself.

Listen in to find out how to enter our upcoming Mojo Mom Podcast drawings, which will include two copies of Mom-in-Chief awarded on February 13, and an iPod Nano on March 7. Enter once and you'll be eligible for all our upcoming prize drawings, leading up to the release of the new edition of Mojo Mom on April 7.

You can learn more about Jamie's work through her Mom-in-Chief website.

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