Monday, October 20, 2008

This week--moving forward toward our goals

This feels like an incredibly busy week for the whole country, doesn't it?

While our nation races toward the Election Day deadline coming up on November 4, I am moving forward toward my personal writing deadline this week, turning in the latest version of the new Mojo Mom.

In order to get my work done as I come down to the wire, I am going to have to unplug from my usual outlets this week, cutting way back on email, internet surfing, and even blogging.

So please know that I am thinking about you, Dear Readers, and working hard for you this week. You'll see the results next Spring!

Thanks again very much to everyone who wrote in to share your stories about what it means to be an employed or stay-at-home Mom. Your personal stories and advice will make the new book even better, and your supportive feedback about my work is helping to propel me forward.

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