Monday, August 18, 2008

Last chance to get Mojo Mom until Spring 2009

We are reaching important publication milestones for the new and revised edition of Mojo Mom, and the original edition is going to go out of print very soon. This means that it will no longer be available from retail outlets including bookstores and My new work will be published by Gotham Books in Spring 2009.

So if you were thinking about getting the first edition for yourself or as new Mom gifts, please order books now. As much as I love bookstores, at this point we are so close to taking all copies out of print that Amazon is probably the best bet since Mojo Mom is currently in stock there.

The new book is going to be great--I am so excited to have the chance to update my work. But the first edition will always have a special place in my heart. I love the original cover, because I think it's an inviting image that captures the essence of mojo.

Coming up with images for Mojo Mom has been a challenge. In fact, I wrote about the process I went through when designing my website, even before the book was finished, in my very first blog post, "What Does a Mojo Mom Look Like?" way back in 2003. When it came time to publish the book, I got pretty far into cover concepts with one designer, but those drafts were not coming close to hitting the mark, so I switched gears to work with Dunn + Associates Design.

Collaborating with Kathi Dunn, I felt like she was able to conjure up an image that was in my mind that I did not even know existed. It's hard to describe, but it was truly one of those rare experiences that felt like a synchronistic mind meld! For example, Kathi used an unusual font for the words "Mojo Mom" that very closely matched the words "Honor Your Dreams" etched inside a ring I had chosen for myself as a commitment to finish the book. That connection gave me a chill given that we had never met in person, and all of our design meetings took place over email and the telephone.

So as I think about the close of the first edition of Mojo Mom, it's been fun to look back at the steps I've taken to get here. And I am up to my eyeballs in ideas for the new book. The hardest part will be choosing a stopping point where I feel good about the book being done, because I always have more to say. Fortunately, I still have my website, blog and podcast to ensure that our conversation continues!

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