Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mojo Mom Podcast with internet expert Linda Criddle

Our latest Mojo Mom Podcast episode is now available.

Listen to the podcast now (49 minutes):

Or, just get a taste of our show by listening in to an exclusive blog-only segment with Linda Criddle about how to introduce kids to the internet (3 minutes).

Amy and Sheryl talk more about Sheryl's new job working on social networking for the MacArthur Foundation and HASTAC.

In addition to her work with the MacArthur winners, Sheryl is excited about the potential that social networking has to expand social horizons for Moms.

Then Amy welcomes internet safety expert Linda Criddle back to the show. Linda is the author of the book "Look Both Ways: Help Protect Your Family on the Internet" and the website Look-Both-Ways.com

Amy has gotten to know Linda well over the past year, through interviews for Amy's CNET blog and Linda's trips to give seminars in North Carolina. Linda looks at safety and privacy issues for everybody, from kids to parents to senior citizens, to help people have positive and safe experiences online.

Writing for CNET for ten months got me to look into internet safety issues pretty closely. Of all the internet safety experts I have interviewed, Linda is by far the most knowledgeable. She's an industry veteran, mother of four herself, and a straight-shooter. She combines her technical knowledge with her independent advocacy platform to act as a strong voice for all consumers. In other words, she is the real deal!

Linda has just contributed new tutorial materials to the Washington State Attorney General website. Her step by step guides include the "sharing videos and photos online" information that I mention in our podcast interview.

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