Friday, June 02, 2006

Amy's Interview with founders

The Mojo Mom Podcast was on hiatus during May (not planned, but that's what life dealt us that month) but we're back with a great episode this week. co-founders Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner and Joan Blades share their plans for grassroots organizing to harness the political will and activism of America's women. Their work gives a voice and an organized outlet for the passion that has been growing among mothers to demand a much better deal than we're getting. MomsRising has had 50,000 people sign up in the month since the site was launched, and Joan and Kristin's book The Motherhood Manifesto became an instant best-seller on

I hope you'll listen to our interview, then sign up yourself on, and tell all your friends about this exciting movement. If you are wondering why this new powerful arm of the motherhood movement is so critical right now, read the first chapter of The Motherhood Manifesto, which the authors have made available free on the web. If you don't find your blood boiling with indignation, call a doctor to check and make sure you actually have a pulse.


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