Monday, January 02, 2006

Resolve to read the MMO website in 2006

I spent New Year's Weekend with an amazing group of friends and my mind is abuzz with thoughts about what I'd like to get accomplished in 2006. My ideas have not completely coalesced yet but I will say that in addition to getting the ideas in Mojo Mom out there, I am focusing on ways that I can help advance the cause of motherhood and feminism as a Gen X Mom who is ready to act.

One goal is to host at least one Mojo Mom reteat in the coming year. I am currently working out how much the focus will be on the personal rather than the political.

In the meantime I want to highly recommend the articles that can be found on the Mothers Movement Online (MMO) site, especially pieces written by the founder Judith Stadtman Tucker. My favorite piece is the May 2005 feature on The New Future of Motherhood. Stadtman Tucker gives voice to the reasons that saying that "motherhood is the most important job in the world" is limiting rather uplifiting as she makes a clear and inspiring argument for looking at parenthod as a relationship rather than a job.


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