Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This Mojo concept really does work....

Tonight I had the good fortune to speak at The Regulator Bookshop in Durham. There was a great turnout of two dozen interesting and enthusiastic women. The experience really proved the "Mojo = energy" concept to me.

At home, two hours before my talk, I was running around like a crazy woman, walking the dog, getting my daughter settled down, and looking for an outfit to wear that was both nice and clean. It was pouring rain and I felt like if I could just pull myself together to look a step up from something the cat dragged in, I'd be doing okay.

I wasn't feeling particularly articulate, organized, or energetic, but I had faith that if I could just get myself there on time, the rest would come together. And it did! I was energized by the receptive and supportive crowd. Each smile and nod I received truly boosted my energy and confidence. We had a good discussion and I was even invited to go out with a group afterward.

I was gratified to know that my Mojo would come through when I needed it most!


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