Sunday, May 22, 2005

"Done" is better than "perfect"

My life has a lot of moving parts these days, and it's a constant struggle to get everything done that I want and need to do. I frequently find myself putting things off because I am waiting for the ideal moment to do a task "perfectly." Well, to no one's surprise, that ideal moment rarely arrives, so some important things don't get done at all.

My computer screen's border is framed with a series of Post-It notes scrawled with ideas for blog entries that I haven't written yet. Over the next week my goal is catch up on some of those commentaries. When my daughter was a baby, a scrapbooking consultant taught me the incredibly wise motto "DONE is better than PERFECT." That advice can apply to so many things in life. Keeping those words in mind frees me from the self-imposed pressures of impossible-to-live-up-to perfection.

There's still the challenge of getting my butt in the seat and getting started on writing each day. That was my secret of finishing graduate school, by the way, making myself show up to do the work. Not a glamorous strategy, but effective!

So keep an eye out on the Mojo Blog this week as it fills up with less-than-perfect musings.


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