Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jazzed about Quail Ridge Books!

I had a great time reading at Quail Ridge Books tonight. All week I was anxious about the turnout, not because I thought it would be low, but because as a writer I get used to having the universe bend to my will as I have total control over the world that unfolds through my keyboard. Now that my book is becoming my life story, I can no longer write the next chapter all by myself! So I was curious to see if I could draw a crowd in Raleigh, the next big city over from Chapel Hill.

I was thrilled to have over fifty people turn out. My confidence was boosted a notch each time the bookstore manager brought out more chairs to fill the space as people filed in. I had the pleasure of talking with an eager and receptive audience. One thing I noticed was that as I talked about the challenges that different generations of mothers have faced, groups of Gen X or Boomer women would nod in recognition.

My teaching Mojo was definitely satisfied by talking and signing for an hour and a half! I felt completely drained today, but thrilled to know that I am on my way.


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