Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Playboy/UNC controversy update

Today was a very positive day in terms of the Playboy Magazine/University of North Carolina Professor controversy. Dr. Malcolm Forbes apologized for his participation in the Playboy phot shoot, as well as his defensive reaction to the criticism. The Chapel Hill News published his apology, as well as my WUNC commentary (see most recent blog entry for the text), and a thoughtful critical letter from another woman.

It was hard to get the energy together to write the commentary last week. I had "outrage fatigue," and so many other things I was supposed to be doing. But I am heartened to see that so many people reacted--thoughtfully, passionately, and intelligently--and that the community received an apology. It would have been wrong to let this incident pass by unnoticed.

I have received over a dozen supportive calls and emails, which I really appreciated!


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