Friday, September 04, 2009

The Mojo Mom Podcast returns with NurtureShock

It's hard to believe that we're kicking off the fifth season of The Mojo Mom Podcast. It's been such a rewarding project and I am happy it's time to start the new season. This fall we have some big changes and a great guest lineup developing.

Listen to the podcast now:

On this week's show:

We wish a fond farewell to co-host Sheryl Grant who is starting grad school full time. Amy welcomes her new co-host Patty Ayers. Amy and Patty have worked together behind the scenes for many years and are excited to talk about current issues together on the podcast. In this episode they talk about Patty's empty-nester move to Mexico (you can see photos on Patty's blog) and then discuss the controversy that erupted this week about a breastfeeding mother who was fired by the Totes/Isotoner corporation for taking "unauthorized" breaks to pump her milk.

Then Mojo Mom talks to Po Bronson, co-author of NurtureShock: New Thinking about Children. In this important new book, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman bring to light new scientific findings that can change the way we view child development.

I am really excited about NurtureShock. You can read my full review. The book has reactivated the curious scientist in me. As Po Bronson says on his NurtureShock website, "The central premise of this book is that many of modern society’s strategies for nurturing children are in fact backfiring – because key twists in the science have been overlooked." It's this new lens that interests me most, beyond any specific findings, which will of course keep evolving. I want to see us sharpen our ability to pick parenting strategies that work, based on a willingness to question conventional wisdom and take new findings into account--as well as relying on our own parental common sense and confidence that we know our children. I look forward to the ongoing conversation that will be sparked by NurtureShock.

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