Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mojo Mom, back in the blogosphere

A tranquil mind is a beautiful thing...

Hey Mojo Mom blog readers, I am back from an unexpectedly long break. It turned out that what I really needed this summer was a vacation, and a news holiday and that turned into a break from blogging. With the kind of blog I write, it's hard to post without reading or watching any news. If the President of France can take three weeks off, I figure the world can live without me posting for that long.

While I was away I went online a few times, but it didn't feel good. In just a few minutes I would inevitably come across the most horrendous stories, even sticking to the NY Times and Salon.com. So I allowed my break to extend one day more, then another....

I found that what my mind really wanted to do is read, for pure enjoyment. So I have written several new book reviews in the past few weeks.

I'll chime in with more details and insights shortly but just wanted to plug myself back in to the blogosphere.

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