Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mojo Mom says thank you to military families

It's Veterans' Day, and we should all take a moment to think about what we can do to support military families. My belief is that no matter what one thinks about the wars that George W. Bush has chosen to wage, the soldiers who serve our country deserve our gratitude. In addition to the soldiers' service, their families provide crucial support back home, making sacrifices that few civilians can imagine.

Until recently I had not thought that my writing would necessarily speak to military families, but it the course of my recent reader questionnaire I got some great feedback from a military Mom. Her encouragement gave me the idea to offer six cases of Mojo Mom hardcover books: I will donate one case of 13 books to the first six military family groups who request one. The only requests I make are that you plan to give out all 13 books (for families to keep or to pass along to more group members), and you agree that you will not sell the books.

Family Readiness Group leaders can send in their request by email, to amy@mojomom.com

Please include a mailing address along with enough information to verify that you are part of a military group. I can only ship within the United States.

It feels like it's not much, offering six cases of books, but think of the impact that we could have collectively if each of us made the effort to reach out in any small way we can.

To our military families, thank you for all that you do, on and off the field, and behind the scenes at home, to support and protect our country.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting about the importance of honoring our vets Amy. I work on behalf of an organization called Survivor Corps which is honoring U.S. vets with its new program called Operation Survivor. As we know the effects of war are not only physical, but emotionally scarring as well.

Survivor Corps is offering an alternative “treatment” that can be made readily available in all communities, regardless of proximity to traditional military or govern¬ment centers of support. Our approach is nimble enough to address the needs of individual survivors, while still broad enough to build a coalition of survivors and service providers working to effect long-term positive change.

This new program will help the recovery and reintegration of hundreds of thousands of returning U.S. service members at a critical time for them and their country.

I urge you to please visit the Survivor Corps website to learn more.

6:41 PM  

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