Friday, August 22, 2008

Mojo Mom Podcast: Positive Discipline

I can't be the only Mom burned out at the end of the summer, can I? I've had a looming manuscript deadline and very little child care for the past three weeks. It feels like a 24-day weekend, and as great as weekends are, that's a little long!

We are back to school on Monday and I am back to work, hooray!

I did manage to get a Mojo Mom Podcast episode recorded this week.

Listen to the podcast now:

We're reaching the end of summer and co-host Sheryl Grant is already back to school, so Amy's friend Aparna Desai Brown is filling in. Aparna shares her family's story of recently relocating from Silicon Valley in favor of a saner and more sustainable lifestyle in Pittsburgh.

Then Mojo Mom switches gears to talk about Positive Discipline with Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have more democratic families these days, but how can parents maintain their leadership role? Positive Discipline operates on a foundation of respect and responsibility for all family members to help parents bring up capable, competent kids.

I highly recommend the Positive Discipline training that Amy McCready's firm offers. They teach throughout the Raleigh area, and will start offering online classes soon. Amy helps fill a niche of training offered to address normal, everyday parenting challenges--as opposed to remedial parenting or family therapy. Her course has been very helpful to me personally and resonates with much of what I say in Mojo Mom, especially when it comes to sharing power between both parents.

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