Monday, July 24, 2006


I woke up this morning after the weirdest dream ever (I'll spare you the details), and in my waking haze I thought about all the blog ideas I've had over the past few days that I haven't had a chance to write about yet. My computer desktop is covered with a dozen overlapping windows. I'm trying to find the opportunity to tend to my ideas, hoping that they are "evergreen" and will be relevant later in the week. I thought I'd coined a new word in my waking moments: Blogjam, the condition of being backed up with too many ideas to comment on and not enough time to write to one's blog.

Ironically, I think I got the image of a "logjam" from the insulting, guilt-women-into breastfeeding ads featuring the pregnant women competing in a log-rolling contest. That still stands out as one of the strangest choices to use as an illustration of risky behavior. It is a memorable if random and highly annoying image.

But back to "blogjam." I googled the term and it came up with a few entries, but to me it looks like the definition is still up for grabs in the larger culture. On, a slang dictionary with user-generated definitions, in 2005 Jody Reale proposed the definition: blogjam, an obstacle that impedes writing blog entries; writer's block applying specifically to bloggers.

So there are two proposed definitions on the table. They both relate to not getting the blog written, but for opposiste reasons. We'll see if the term gets any traction in either direction. I personally feel that my definition not only relates much more closely to a literal logjam, it is superior because we need a new word for the condition of having too much info to assimilate into one's blog, while writer's block applying to blogs is still....just writer's block.

I also have to link to one other reference, a highly amusing illustrated blog entry about the author's experiment making Peptol-Bismol Flavored Ice Cream in search of a tasty hangover cure. Who says there's no originality left in the world?



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