Saturday, December 06, 2008

Conversational Capital and conversation

I am working really hard to finish the new edition of Mojo Mom--more on that very soon! Understandably (I hope), that project has temporarily diverted energy away from my blogging activities. I have ideas for some long and profound blog posts but I can't devote time to actually writing them right now. Hopefully they'll still be fresh ideas in a couple of weeks after we put Mojo Mom in motion.

So I do want to keep blogging, and for now I will share a couple of short pieces I wrote elsewhere on the web.

First is my review of Conversational Capital, a kinetic, inspiring branding book that I am exploring as I plan to launch the new Mojo Mom. The book also has a collaborative Conversational Capital website, because their project operates on an Open Source philosophy, which I admire!

Second is a letter I wrote on in response to Cary Tennis' Since You Asked advice column. I am a fan of Cary's column both for his answers and the Salon reader/letter-writing community that chimes in.

I really felt for the letter writer who found her life stuck in neutral, but I could also see that her excuses and self-pity weren't getting her anywhere. I hope she gets her mojo back!

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