Thursday, August 23, 2007

Workaholic Dads and "family values"

Ack, I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged over here. I have a dozen windows open on my desktop with material to blog about, but little time to write. The back-to-school whirlwind is in full force. So I am going to settle for a quick post this morning to send you to over to an article by Brazen Careerist blogger Penelope Trunk.

In this San Francisco Chronicle piece, Penelope writes a scathing indictment of executives who work insanely long hours, yet are not viewed as neglectful parents.

She says:

Thank goodness these boards do not value fathering, or there would be no one to run the Fortune 500. There appears to be little room for parenting if you're at the very top.

Fortune magazine ran an article about Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony. He is married with two children and is quoted as saying at company meeting, "I don't see my family much. My family is you."

Fortune ran a profile of Jeff Immelt, chief executive of GE. Immelt said that he has been working 100-hour weeks for the last 20 years. He also said that he is married and has an 18-year-old-daughter.

I can't decide which is more pathetic - the way these men approach their roles as parents, or the way that Fortune magazine writes about it without any commentary.

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Anonymous Lisa Giebitz said...

And you KNOW if they were women they'd have gotten all kinds of judgments thrown at them by now.


12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me of years back when not-yet-fired former Apple CEO John Sculley claimed a competitive advantage in needing only 4 hours of sleep nightly, setting off a new kind of of p--ing contest in sleep deprivation. Like I just wrote about, we always have time for what is most important to us, it's just shocking and unseemly to admit what we value most.

3:43 PM  

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