Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pix from Amy & Meghan's New York Adventure

I don't ususally put up a lot of photos on the blog but I'm going to post a few from the New York trip. Here we are backstage at The Today Show, Gail Saltz, Meghan, myself and Lisa Belkin. Meghan and Gail could be sisters and so could Lisa and I, looking at this picture. Funny how that worked out.

It was truly like a Willy Wonka moment (remember Mike Teevee?) to be downstairs watching the live program on the HDTV monitor, and then to walk upstairs and into the show. I wasn't that nervous but this was a new experience for me, espeically navigating the group discussion format.

The other panelists were all unfazed about being on the show. One asked me, "You're from 'somewhere else,' aren't you?" and she couldn't believe that I'd flown in from North Carolina for the segment. Another said she'd almost forgotten that she was supposed to do the show that morning. But everyone was quite cordial backstage and I appreciated getting the photos.

So Meghan and I were dorky enough to go to the NBC Store afterward. We had souvenirs to buy for our kids, of course. And we had to pose for snapshots alongside our top Mom Crushes, Steve Carell and John Krasinski. (That's 2 out of 3 because alas, we did not even encounter a photographic Jon Stewart while we were in New York.)

Sign me up for my job at Dunder-Mifflin. Actually, in the case of Steve Carell it's important to say that the crush is on him and not his character!

Meghan is going to the Brown reunion in two weeks and it will be really interesting to see if John Krasinski is there. Meghan's husband went to Brown, so no, she is not just stalking John.

It's JK's fifth reunion--yes, he is really that young and we are not!

Enough tourista-ness for one day. But hey, if you can't have fun with a friend then what good is a trip to New York?


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