Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mojo Mom is back...and my podcast WILL return

I am back from my trip to California, a day late and a dollar short. My flight home from San Francisco through Chicago was cancelled on Tuesday night, and my replacement flight through Dulles airport was not a sure thing on Wednesday. I ended up on a flight to Greensboro NC that took off at 7:30 pm--originally scheduled for 12:30 pm! This was one of my most difficult traveling experiences in a while, with weird hangups at every turn, such as the power going out in the San Francisco Airport Hyatt hotel as I was packing to leave at 5 am on Wednesday morning. That was really spooky. The emergency lights came on in the hall, but my room's window looked out on an interior atrium, so it was pitch black and I couldn't tell whether the lights were out in the whole city. Fortunately it was just our hotel, so I got a glow stick, packed and high-tailed it out of there.

But after reading about the JetBlue passengers who were trapped in their airplane on the runway at Kennedy Airport for 8 hours, I can only count my blessings!

My Kidpower instructor training was fantastic. It was a jam-packed 5-day experience that allowed us to work with a number of elementary students, who were very understanding about the fact that we were in training. You can expect to hear more about this evolving project as the year goes on. This training gave me my teaching mojo back, which feels wonderful.

You can also expect The Mojo Mom Podcast to return. Recording the show is fun and easy--I love talking to Sheryl and my guests. There is not too much post-production on the show, but it always ends up taking a couple of hours, which I just have not had recently. Between family commitments, weather, work and travel, I am just doing my best to keep up these days. But you can count on a new podcast episode in the next week.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Kidpower! My daughter and I took the class several times while we lived in Berkeley, CA. When we moved to New England three years ago, I was sad that my son wouldn't also be able to take advantage of their great classes (no Kidpower instructors in our new state). Wish you lived here! (p.s. Did you meet Erika Leonard -- she's a fantastic instructor!)

8:47 PM  
Blogger MojoMom said...

It's great to hear about your positive experience with Kidpower! Our instructor training was really well-done, and I believe that Erika was there, but she was one of the few people I didn't get to work with.

I am helping to get Kidpower started in North Carolina. It is intimidating to start from square one but that's why I love being part of a global Kidpower community. I know I am not alone. There is support available from the experienced leaders in the organization.

Thanks for your comment!

11:09 AM  

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