Monday, February 26, 2007

Are they trying to cure us of our Oscar habit?

I watch the Oscars every year and kind of hate myself afterward for suffering through such a bloated event. If I could have watched the ceremony on TiVO today I could have had 20 minutes of fun. But I knew I wouldn't be able to watch today, so I recorded it last night and tried to leave enough TiVO padding that I didn't have to suffer through real time. Pilobolus dancers turning into penguins? Not entertaining enough to make up for the fact that it was irrelevant to the actual awards-giving. (Okay, I did laugh at the Snakes on a Plane configuration!)

There was so much filler and overlong boredom (not to mention ads--that was the least of the problems) that I had time to watch half of Saturday Night Live, the Oscars red carpet show AND The Barbara Walters Special by switching back to recorded shows each time I "caught up" to the live broadcast.

Very brief impressions: Ellen DeGeneres wasn't nearly funny enough. Helen Mirren was gorgeous, and my new acting and style idol. I loved hearing Jennifer Hudson sing--in fact the best moment of the evening was on The Barbara Walters Special when Barbara asked Jennifer to sing and she belted out an Oscar-night-worthy performance right there from her interview seat. Steve Carell--I alwasy love to see him and I am glad Little Miss Sunshine did well, but didn't win Best Picture. That would have been too much. I am glad Scorcese won but didn't see The Departed, Babel or Letters from Iwo Jima so I didn't really have a horse in that race. Al Gore was looking very Presidential. I really wish he'd started channeling his Inconvenient Truth passion about 8 years earlier!

Jerry Seinfeld was the best presenter. Anyone who can make the (exceedingly depressing) documentary category funny should be promoted to host next year. But unless my man Jon Stewart hosts again, or there are a massive number of movies I really care about next year, you can count me out of the audience. Last night's "flooding" treatment has cured me of my Oscars habit.


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